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Grease trap cleaning is essential for preventing grease build up and odors around your work place. In order for a grease trap to work efficiently is necesary to have a reliable company that can assist with the proper tools, chemicals and regular maintenance schedule. Restaurants have much greater quantities of grease waste than the average homes; therefore, cleaning the traps is required more often.

While it is highly-important to execute maintenance work on traps frequently, it depends on how often and how much grease goes through the drain into the grease trap interceptor as to exactly how often it should be cleaned. The state requires that you have the grease trap cleaned every 90 days or less. The objective is to keep the grease trap as clean as possible on a regular basis by removing the oil residue and disinfecting the trap with an antibacterial solution.

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Having your exhaust system cleaned regularly is not only for the safety of your customers, employees and your building, it is also a compliance issue.
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A filter that is clogged with grease does not allow your system to “breath” properly and can cause premature failure of your fan motor.


We professionally clean floors and equipment that have grease and food buildup that can attract vermin, promote bacteria growth, and make an unsafe working environment.


With the duct work running above the hood and up through the ceiling – it is literally out-of-sight, out-of-mind. It’s critical that duct work has the proper amount of access panels.

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