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Ask us about our maintenance contracts if you need regular cleaning and want to receive grease removal services on auto-pilot. Set it and forget it while you focus on more important endeavors such as running your business and making your customers happy, or even on opening more locations. No matter how many locations, we always have your back.

Our vans and trucks come to your work quickly and always arrive on time so your time will never be wasted. We take care of your grease traps and clean your air ducts and fans also. Commercial kitchens tend to get dirty fast and you will need a serious and reliable company to assist you in keeping them spotless.

Whether you are operating independently or you are running a nation-wide chain, you already need to streamline your operations if you want to grow. Grease trap cleaning that is not performed properly can lead to even bigger problems down the road which is why we have strict procedures in place. This is serious business and we never cut corners.

We carry out contracts with many busy restaurants all over New-York and they can vouch for us. Repeat business is the best proof that we are doing our job well. Our staff is extremely well-trained and still receive ongoing training in order for them to stay on top of the most recent changes. We also own our own equipment and trucks.

Your oils, fats and other used products will be processed or reused for other purposes whenever possible. We work with several processing facilities in NY state. We handle your used oils, fats and meat by-products from the beginning to the end, all this for your convenience. Mastering the whole process is our strength and you can take advantage of our knowledge by hiring a great fat removal business like ours.

Our extensive network of service locations throughout New York’s five boroughs is at your service. Our professional grease trap and grease removal services are extremely popular among many business owners in the region. A kitchen cleaning solution that you can rely on: this is what we offer to every single client of ours. Be treated like a VIP and get red carpet treatment every time you sign up for our kitchen exhaust cleaning services.

All five boroughs are covered which means that we cover not only Manhattan but also the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Queens. We are 100% local New-Yorkers and the New-York city is our playground. Being close to you and your needs means understanding better your requirements and being able to get to work immediately without lengthy explanations about what needs to be done.

We are familiar with the entire area and we know exactly what type of work should be performed depending on your type of business. There is nothing you can do against grease build up but you can surely have a dependable company come regularly to your restaurant to clean your hoods, vents, fans and other places that need grease removal. We are here to let you cook non-stop for your hungry customers. Focus on serving delicious food and we will focus on our specialty which is to make your kitchen squeaky clean!

The most dreaded task in the kitchen will now be handled by our team and your employee’s safety will also increase as a result since it can be dangerous without mentioning the associated costs.

Equipped with state-of-the-art deep high-pressure water units, we help restaurants and business owners take care of their kitchen. We know what’s required by the local authorities and we will make sure your business complies with all the ordinances and regulation in place.

Our services are provided without disruption to your business and we remain extremely flexible to work around your schedule. Let us clear your drains and in NYC and surrounding areas.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and we still deliver excellent results that will make you wonder why you didn’t find us before. Apart from aggressive prices, we focus all our efforts on quality exhaust cleaning in order to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. Competitive doesn’t mean cheap and we invest heavily to keep our edge in terms of equipment and training.

Give us a call today at (917) 746-5036 and book an appointment today with one of our expert kitchen exhaust cleaners. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to share them with us and we will do our best to answer and resolve your existing issues. If you have an emergency, mention it over the phone.

Get a free quote today and take advantage of our great offers to try our services. Absolutely no call-out charges and one hour response time, what more could you ask for?

The Food Service Industry revolves around producing a consistent flow of business by offering genuine products in a clean, safe, and effective manner. Your restaurant equipment remains first in the line of production necessary for you to succeed. Any restaurant magnate will ensure you that the measures necessary in order to cater to the most important aspect of your business are housed in local, state, and federal laws. Most importantly, cleanliness and safe practices remain at the top of any Department of Health restaurant inspectors’ list. That’s why NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners offer a clear concise service that will prolong the life of your restaurant equipment, decrease excess labor expenses, while ensuring your business perpetuates within the guidelines established by local New York City, state, and federal regulations.

The heart of a flourishing venture lies within the realm of maximizing profits, while at the same rate minimizing losses. In doing so, successful restaurant magnates work to consistently utilize the vital factors involved in maintaining a solid investment. The core concept that ensures a perpetual flow of profit, in the restaurant business, delves within the capital that entrepreneurs depend on to effectively produce the marketable food products that keep the input and output functions of their business at equilibrium.

NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners strives to provide to its clients the reliable cleaning service needed in order to reduce the factors that involve marginal loss. The reassurance incorporated by reducing oxidative agents and eliminating exhaust rest within the grasp of a restaurant equipment cleaning service provider that focuses on benefiting the business owners that it serves. New York City Commercial Hood Cleaners believe that eliminating the negative factors involved in time management forgoes a maximum loss of profit. NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners institutionalize an idea that will best suit you and your restaurant business. The service providers work to consolidate the steps necessary for utilizing a restaurant cleaning service.

NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners’ primary focus is to effectively rid your restaurant equipment of grease and dust while asserting the time management needed to reduce the operating cost involved in utilizing costly energy expenses. NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners utilize valuable methods that reduce the transfer of grease and dust from your hoods and fans to other places within your work-space. Time is money. NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners believe that the time it takes to rid your facility of the byproducts of operation should exist as a singularity. You should not have to bear the burden of using costly excess labor beyond, what is idealized as, an initial definite expense. NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners strives to ensure you the service you need.

NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners provide its service with a generous amount of knowledge base to ensure the safe operation and utilization of your restaurant equipment. Dust from fans can hinder the effectiveness of your exhaust equipment. Excess grease buildup, within the vents of your hood filters, is potential fire hazards.

With these factors in mind, NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners strives to facilitate your efforts in maintaining the best commercial food service business rating scores possible. NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners hold a Commercial Cooking Exhaust System Servicing Company Certificate, FC902.1, a requirement mandated by local law enforcement governing New York City businesses with regard to applicable New York City fire codes.

Specific guidelines are established as mandatory precautions specified by definition. For example, FC703.1 states that the construction of building materials, such as air transfer openings made for any reason, shall be approved methods capable of resisting the passage of smoke and fire. In establishing such, NYC Commercial Hood Cleaners will prove to be your restaurant cleaning equipment service provider in the most cost-effective way.
The truth in value ensuring you the sustainability and reliability needed for your business to function without costly consequences is a key elemental factor in maintaining the longevity you need to capitalize on your investment.