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Toronto Hood Cleaning is your best choice for kitchen hood cleaning in the greater Toronto area. We have everything – from the best equipment to the most knowledgeable employees – that will make your commercial kitchen cleaning a service that’s worth every penny!

There are regulations that mandate how often and how thoroughly your commercial exhaust system needs to be cleaned. Toronto Hood Cleaning can help you make sure that you are getting the kind of
clean that your local health inspector is looking for. We clean every part of your kitchen’s exhaust system, including the ducts, grease traps, vents, and exterior surfaces so that your business is fully covered by your insurance policy’s guidelines and your local and national standards.

Toronto Hood Cleaning doesn’t want to see your business shut down because of neglected health and safety practices! Our services are available to any commercial kitchen, so the places you’d immediately
think of, such as restaurants and cafeterias are covered, but we can also help you out if you manage a hotel, hospital, or daycare kitchen. All of these establishments – plus many more – are considered commercial kitchens, and they should put serious thought into the company that will be singularly responsible for keeping their doors open!


You can choose a top-of-the-line exhaust system for your business, or you can go with a more standard model. There will definitely be some differences in the quality of one system versus another, but one thing about all of them is exactly the same: They will accumulate grease, oil, and dust inside the ductwork. Actually, this is good news, since it means all those undesirable things won’t be collecting on surfaces in your kitchen, but what it does mean is that you’ll need to be proactive about keeping the exhaust system of your commercial kitchen cleaned well in order to avoid a host of issues, besides just getting shut down by a health inspector!

You can also avoid a fire with a properly-maintained exhaust system. Toronto Hood Cleaning has seen, time and time again, commercial exhaust systems that are caked with grease and other particles. Little did the owners know, they were just one flame away from an out-of-control kitchen fire. When an accidental grease fire flairs up on the stove top, your exhaust system will pull it right up and into the
ductwork. If your ducts are full of grease or oil, that fire will find the fuel it needs to keep blazing, leaving you with nothing.

Restaurant owners and managers are often curious as to what services we actually offer. They know what’s required by law, but they also want to have a commercial kitchen cleaning that they can enjoy. This is absolutely attainable! Below, we’ve listed a few of the standard and more advanced services offered by Toronto Hood Cleaning.

Our vans and trucks come to your work quickly and always arrive on time so your time will never be wasted. We take care of your grease traps and clean your air ducts and fans also. Commercial kitchens tend to get dirty fast and you will need a serious and reliable company to assist you in keeping them spotless.

Whether you are operating independently or you are running a nation-wide chain, you already need to streamline your operations if you want to grow. Grease trap cleaning that is not performed properly can lead to even bigger problems down the road which is why we have strict procedures in place. This is serious business and we never cut corners.

We carry out contracts with many busy restaurants all over New-York and they can vouch for us. Repeat business is the best proof that we are doing our job well. Our staff is extremely well-trained and still receive ongoing training in order for them to stay on top of the most recent changes. We also own our own equipment and trucks.

Your oils, fats and other used products will be processed or reused for other purposes whenever possible. We work with several processing facilities in NY state. We handle your used oils, fats and meat by-products from the beginning to the end, all this for your convenience. Mastering the whole process is our strength and you can take advantage of our knowledge by hiring a great fat removal business like ours.

Our extensive network of service locations throughout New York’s five boroughs is at your service. Our professional grease trap and grease removal services are extremely popular among many business owners in the region. A kitchen cleaning solution that you can rely on: this is what we offer to every single client of ours. Be treated like a VIP and get red carpet treatment every time you sign up for our kitchen exhaust cleaning services.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning – This is an all-inclusive service that covers everything from your kitchen exhaust system to the floors, walls, and appliance exteriors. We employ specialized cleaners to remove thick grease from all these surfaces, leaving your commercial kitchen looking brand new! We have professional-grade equipment that allows us to lift nasty stains and impossible stuck-on grease from practically any surface! You can request our floor-to-ceiling commercial kitchen cleaning services, or you can elect to stagger cleanings for different areas and equipment.

Having your exhaust fans on hinges makes it so much easier for your Toronto Hood Cleaning pros to inspect and clean them. Therefore, we offer custom fan hinge kits that we can
install for you. Once your fans are on hinges, your team will be able to thoroughly examine your entire exhaust system and get your exhaust fans completely clean. Having hinged exhaust fans means that you yourself can take a look at them anytime you want. We recommend that you check out the exhaust fans once a month, regardless of how often you have your exhaust system professionally cleaned. It’s a good way to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your cleanings, and you’ll likely be the first to notice damage, wear, and tear or grease buildup in a hard-to-reach area. Hood Cleaning – The hoods in commercial kitchens are for a lot more than looks. They filter out the grease and other particles from your kitchen that make it look worn out and smell stale. These aren’t
things that you want hanging around your kitchen, so your commercial hoods are there to help you rid the kitchen of them. Although the hood isn’t single-handedly responsible for keeping your commercial
kitchen clean, it is definitely your first line of defense, so make sure that it’s done right and done often! Hood cleaning should be done by a professional at regular intervals to avoid fires and other dangerous

The ductwork in your commercial kitchen is delicate, but it performs a very important job, carrying the grease and other particles from the kitchen hood all the way to the exhaust fan. It’s
nearly impossible to clean the inside of the ductwork yourself. Just seeing inside the ducts can be trying. Therefore, having ducts cleaned by a professional is your only option if you want them truly clean!
Toronto Hood Cleaning has specialized equipment designed to clean the inside of your ductwork, even when it bends and turns at sharp angles. Well-placed access panels and our equipment make it easy
work for us, but our attention to detail is what will really get your ductwork spotless! We take our time to make sure every corner and tight place gets cleaned as well as the visible areas do.

Duct access panels make it much easier to access the ducts of your exhaust system for inspection and cleaning. At Toronto Hood Cleaning, we have seen many changes in kitchen exhaust
systems over the years, and one of those is new laws that require every commercial exhaust system to have duct access. If you need to update an older exhaust system by adding duct access panels, we can
install them for you! Once the duct access panels are installed, we can easily check the interior of your exhaust system for grease buildup, and we will be able to clean them better than ever.

Pressure washing is one of the methods we use to professionally clean your commercial kitchen, along with exterior services like roofs where exhaust fans may deposit grease and other unwanted materials. We use special pressure washing equipment that provides a gentle stream of water that won’t damage your equipment or roof. Our pressure washing services can extend to the exterior walls, walkways, and parking lots of your business to give you an amazing clean inside and out!

In the event that a grease fire does break out in your commercial kitchen, it’s extremely important that you have fire extinguishers that are working properly. If you have never used the ones in your kitchen, don’t assume that they are ok! Instead, have them checked out by a professional team like Toronto Hood Cleaning to make sure they’ll be there for you when you need them! We can give you peace of mind that if even a small fire breaks out in your commercial kitchen, you have properly working equipment on hand to put it out!

A professional hood cleaning company will always begin their services with a thorough inspection. Toronto Hood Cleaning is no different. If you need a routine cleaning, we’ll inspect your
system before we get started, and if you need an inspection for any other reason, we can handle that as well! We can provide you with a pre- or post-service inspection – or both – in order to see the amount of grease buildup and then report back to you how effective our services were at removing it completely! Customers also consult us at times for second opinion inspections or to check up on their current hood cleaning company.

1. It prevents fires.
The reason hood cleaning grabs the attention of national and local fire prevention agencies is that it is one of the easiest ways to keep a fire from spreading throughout your commercial kitchen and your entire building, for that matter. Hood and exhaust cleaning is your responsibility as a business owner and it should never be ignored or put off because it may be the only thing protecting you from a fire that could consume everything you’ve worked so hard to build!

Toronto Hood Cleaning can help you avoid a major catastrophe in your kitchen by keeping your hoods and the rest of your exhaust system clean as a whistle! By removing the buildup inside your hoods and ductwork, we can easily eliminate the possibility that a fire will ignite in the kitchen and then travel up through the entire system, fed by the grease and oil that it finds inside. An inspection is the best way to tell if your exhaust system needs to be cleaned; however, most customers simply schedule their hood cleaning services in regular intervals so that there’s no chance of buildup and subsequent fires. Don’t wait until the situation is out of hand before you call in the pros! Instead, let Toronto Hood Cleaning work hard for you all year long to keep your kitchen exhaust system clean and safe!

2. It improves air quality. 
The air quality inside your kitchen and the rest of the building may not be something that you think about on a regular basis, but maybe you should. Toronto Hood Cleaning can tell you that we’ve seen many restaurants and other establishments where the air quality was so poor that the atmosphere inside the kitchen was extremely uncomfortable. Air quality affects how the room smells and the number of invisible contaminants there are in the air. No one wants to eat in a place that smells bad, but you can’t mask the odors caused by long-term grease and open-flame cooking. The only way to remove these odors is to make sure your commercial exhaust system is pulling particles out of the air and away from customers’ noses! You could also be making your employees and customers sick with an exhaust system that doesn’t
do its job. Along with cooking particles, your exhaust system also filters out allergens and germs from your kitchen, making your commercial cooking area a much cleaner place to be, even on a microscopic level.

3. It increases productivity.
Ok, we can’t actually back this up with stats, but hear us out… A clean, well-maintained kitchen that has a properly functioning exhaust system will be clean and safe, as we’ve just discussed. It will also have adequate airflow, so the temperature will always stay consistent and comfortable. We know that this is an important factor when you are running a busy
kitchen because it keeps your employees happy! Also, you’ll notice fewer employee absences when you uphold a high level of cleanliness in your kitchen. It isn’t enough, unfortunately, to wipe down all the surfaces with cleaners and mop the floors daily. You have to strive for a deep clean – a clean that is only achievable by a professional team with the equipment and products made for such tough jobs.

Toronto Hood Cleaning can’t guarantee that our services will improve the productivity in your commercial kitchen, of course, but we can tell you with complete confidence that it improves the comfort level for your employees and it keeps them healthier than working in a kitchen with inadequate cleaning techniques. Don’t risk their health by delaying or ignoring your necessary hood cleaning services! You alone have the power to make your commercial kitchen a clean, safe, pleasant place to work!

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